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Welcome to the #GrungeGang - Meet Gleveen McBeth

Born in the vibrant country of Jamaica, model, stylist and content creator Gleveen McBeth is making her mark in the Los Angeles fashion realm. Noted for her unapologetic love of the color pink and shoes, Gleveen's eclectic style can be attributed to the cultural norms of her home island! Bold, brazen, and a babe - all the things we love to have as a part of our #grungegang! Follow this fashionista at @gleveenoctavia

Cop her cuts: Gleveen is wearing our Leather Lowridrrr Pants

What's one trend you'll never try? Squiggly brows

Where do you find your style inspiration? Pinterest

If you were stuck on a deserted island, what are your three necessities? Phone, charger, and meds

Whose celebrity closet would you steal? Rihanna

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you take your Grungies gear? Amsterdam

LA or NY? NY

Who is your favorite Johnny Depp girlfriend? Winona Ryder

Best style advice you've ever been given: Never wear the same outfit twice


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